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Travel back in time on an informative and fun tour of the Acropolis of Athens. Further, be guided by a field expert and licensed private guide. Similarly, discover the UNESCO World Heritage site through a journey into history, mythology, and storytelling. Later, continue with a visit to the Acropolis Museum, which has been ranked as one of the top museums in the world. All the original surviving masterpieces from the temples of the Acropolis are displayed with the use of natural light. Moreover, excavations are also visible under glass floors and walkways. The museum was designed by the renowned Swiss architect Bernard Tschumi and the notable Greek architect Michalis Photiadis.

On this tour visit the Acropolis hill. Firstly, see the Dionysus Theater, where famous ancient dramas and tragedies were first performed. Gaze and be informed about the stunning Odeon of Herodes Atticus and the sanctuary of the healing god Asclepius. On the top of the hill, visit the Propylea Temple of Nike and the Erechtheion Temple. See the Parthenon, which is the symbol of democracy and western civilization. Dating back to 5th century, these monuments are testimonials of the glorious ancient Athens and the Golden Age of Pericles.

At the Acropolis Museum tour, explore the ground floor where exhibited artifacts reveal facets of the Athenian daily life. Also, get to know wedding customs, children's favorite toys, healing techniques, and religious practices. On the first floor, stand at a breathing distance from the mysterious archaic statues of the 6th century, which once adorned the Acropolis. Be fascinated as you walk next to the Caryatids and huge pieces of the Acropolis entrance. On the final floor, next to the breathtaking view of the Acropolis, admire the original unique in concept and artistic excellence Parthenon frieze.



Starting time: 9:30 am

Meeting point: Acropolis Metro Station or Hotel Pick Up

Duration: 4:00 Hours

Transportation: Walking Tour

How many people: Private Tour

Lunch (Optional) : includes, salad, appetizer, main course, drinks.

Language: English / French

Private Tour & Fully Customized

Skip the line service (optional)

Price per tour:  350€


The Plan:

Meeting Point : Acropolis Metro Station  or pick up from hotel.

We welcome you with a Greek “filema” , a traditional culinary gift.

We will have a unique mix of fun and knowledge at the Acropolis of Athens and the new Acropolis Museum.

Lunch Time (Optional) : We can visit a Greek tavern, where you can try some of the famous Greek dishes and wines. Moreover, feel free to chat about local cuisine and traditions.


Inclusions in this unique tour

         Private licensed Tour Guide

         Skip the line service (optional)

         Walking in Private Mode 

         Hotel Pick up & Drop Off (Optional)

         Local Traditional culinary Lunch (Optional)




         Gratuities (Optional)


This is a unique tour because...

        You get to admire stunning Archeological Sites.

        Skip the lines to the Acropolis of Athens.

        Discover the first theater of humanity at Theater of Dionysus.

        Listen to the histories of all the ancient monuments from licensed guide.

        Avoid missing all the hot spots and gain insight you'd miss alone.

        100% personalized tour. No prearranged fixed tour.

        Taste local cuisine and hear stories about the visited sites.

        Visit the new Acropolis Museum.


1. You are only allowed to carry a small back-pack at the Acropolis.
2. Baby strollers are not allowed on the Acropolis archaeological site and there is no cloakroom at the side entrance we use to enter. For your own convenience, please, use a baby pouch instead of a baby stroller.

Remember to bring along:
- Comfortable walking shoes (No high heels)
- A hat and sunscreen lotion
- A bottle of water
- Dress according to weather
- Your camera!


Tickets & Pricing

Combined ticket: 30€ per person for adults, does not include the Acropolis Museum. Acropolis Museum ticket: €10/€5 under 18 years old.

Reduced ticket: €15, EU citizens over 65 years old by showing their ID card/passport. Students of Universities non-EU countries (by showing their student ID card).

Free: visitors under 18 years old by showing their I.D. or Passport, students from E.U. countries by showing their University Card.

For Skip-The-Line Service please contact us : [email protected] 

Cancelation Policy

Our Tours can be 100% Customized