I have an Urgent question regarding my Booking

Need help regarding your booking ?

Please call us here: +30 2130288398
Or here: +30 6946 23 27 79
Our support is here to assist you.
You can also send us an e-mail to [email protected]


How do I pay for my Booking?

For start, if you want to pay for your bookings, just follow the steps to book your experience and select your preferred payment method when requested. Hence, you can pay for your experience through: Paypal, Credit Card or Debit Card.


What happens if my reservation request is declined or canceled ?

If your booking request declined or got rejected by the host a refund is issued to you automatically and will reach you within 6 working days.


Can children join the tour?

Yes, children are more than welcome but due to transportation space limitations, we have to count them as ‘one person.’ 


What about dietary restrictions?

As long as we know in advance, we will try our very best to cater to people with food allergies. As for people who are lactose intolerant, follow a gluten free diet, are vegetarians or vegans, we will do our best to accommodate to your dietary needs.


What is a 100% Customized Tour?

A customized tour is a tour created just by you and for you. All you have to do is let a host know your requests and with that information, your host can create a personalized offer, fully customized to your preferences.
Want to add an extra stop to Day tour in Mycenae or skip the dinner reservation? Just choose the "Customize Now" Button and let them know your wishes so they can create a personal program just for you!


My Host sent me my Customized Tour. What Should I Do Next?

If the Customized Tour is what you were expecting then wait no more! Simply click on the ‘book’ button that will be send to you with email, so that we can proceed with your payment instantly and book your personalized experience!


Is a Customized experience always private?

Yes, CrispyLocal experiences are always private. Not to mention that, a fully customized experience is created especially for you, so it’s not possible for others to book this experience.


I already have a booking, how do I get in touch with my host?

If you already have a booking on CrispyLocal, you have also received  an mail from [email protected]. You can send us an mail in the same address, regarding the upcoming tour and we will be more than happy to facilitate you in any way possible regarding the upcoming tour. 


Can I pay in any currency?

At CrispyLocal payment is always done in Euros and therefore the Euro price is always shown during payment. Your bank might charge you a conversion rate fee from you local currency to Euros. No extra fees apply from our side.


I only paid a reservation fee, why I need to pay the rest in cash?

If you are charged only for the reservation fee, it means that your host prefers to be paid in cash. In the same way, the remaining amount should be paid directly to your host at the time of the experience, in cash.


What is the cancelation policy for guests?

Canceling confirmed booking: if the booking is canceled by the host you receive 100% refund.
If you choose to cancel the booking as a guest:
More than 24 hours before the experience date: You will be refunded 100% of the total price.
Less than 24 hours before the experience date: The host will be fully paid, you won’t receive a refund.


How does CrispyLocal ensure Host quality?

⦁ Quality check
Basic information verification, such as name, address, social profiles, phone number, ID, payment details and description of the experience. ⦁ Mystery Shopping
Mystery Shopping control program. In fact, we occasionally sent people as guests to try the experience and the level of the service that the hosts provide.
⦁ Review system
Every guest gets the opportunity to review his/her experience with a host. So, when multiple guests leave positive reviews, you are more certain you can trust the host and the experience he or she offers.


What happens if I have a bad experience with a host?

If you have a bad experience with a host, let us know at [email protected] right away. Then, we will get in touch with both you and the host, to get to the bottom of the situation and to find a solution together. Your happiness is our primary objective!