Mykonos Private Tours

Mykonos Seaside Private Wine Tasting
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Greek Ancient Wine Tasting In Mykonos

A unique wine tasting adventure through the ancient varieties of Greece with an expert sommelier in a magical location. Enjoy a Greek wine tasting with an expert sommelier, explore ancient varieties, learn about the Greek gods and mythology and fall in love with the island of Mykonos.

Private Experience in Mykonos with Oysters and Ouzo
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Greek Meze Picnic Experience in Mykonos

Nestled on a secret beach with crystal-clear waters, invigorating fresh air, and teeming sea life, we are happy to offer you an opportunity to savour the essence of Greece through a Greek meze picnic, guided by a local expert. Picture yourself by the beach, as you delve into the world of Greek meze. No authentic Greek picnic is complete without a glass of homemade wine crafted by a dedicated winemaker.