Extreme Activities In Greece

Tandem Skydive
Available Guides: John George Giorgos Harry

Tandem Skydiving Over Greece

Pump up your body in adrenaline with a tandem skydiving over  Greece. Skydiving is an activity that requires you to live completely in the moment. Therefore, in that moment of freefall, all of the regular stresses of life disappear and you are overwhelmed with a sense of clarity. With our expert and qualified instructors, you will jump out of a plane from 8.000 ft. or 14.000 ft. Come enjoy an incredible freefall over the beautiful Mountains and Seas of Greece. To sum up, this will surely be one of the most memorable experiences of your life. 

Bungee Jumping Corinth
Available Guides: John George Giorgos Harry

Bungee Jumping Day Trip In Greece

Book now this extreme bungee jumping experience in Greece and  enjoy full adrenaline packed jumps. Combine this day trip with breathtaking views of greatest canal in Greece. In addition, be overwhelmed of the pure feeling of freedom and release any stress of the everyday routine. After the fall, you will be given photos and videos from preparation to jump itself. Also, a giveaway T-shirt will be given as a reminder of this special day! Later on, you can appreciate a delightful lunch. Get a chance to taste Greek dishes and wines in a traditional tavern nearby.